As an American sponsor running clinical trials in Europe, the biggest challenge is finding a CRO that embraces the relationship of partnering to assure that the study is run efficiently with clean data meeting timely deadlines.

The investment of time and the willingness to be transparent with every aspect of study management from both the sponsor and CRO is crucial.

We have found that relationship and commitment working with ADDS. The added availability of other resources provided by the network ADDS is working to expand provides added benefit that is priceless.

We look forward to many more opportunities to work with them in the future.

Jeannie Brooks, RN, BSN
Associate Director – Clinical Affairs, EU Studies

Gene Signal

We were looking for a partner to advise and accompany us along our development process: clinical development, data management and safety activities. A partner who would also have a good insight and understanding of the usual development issues we are facing everyday to place our product on the market. A lot of things at once but ADDS has been more than up to the challenge.

ADDS’s teams have a deep knowledge of the specific needs of biotech companies and we very much appreciated their commitment to adapt to the way we work. Reactivity and transparency were also fundamental criteria for our choice of a service provider, as much as respect of timelines and prices.

We have no doubt our collaboration will continue for a long time, as beneficial for both of us, and we can only recommend working with ADDS.

Eric Viaud, CEO and Co-Founder
Gene Signal


As an Israeli start-up developing a medical device, we needed a trustworthy partner with a deep knowledge of the intricate regulations on the European market. With ADDS, we get both up-to-date information and strategic advice regarding access to the European market throughout their experts network.

ADDS is performing our clinical trials in CEE thanks to their offices and teams in Czech Republic. Our main concern was to respect timelines and get quality data to go on efficiently with the development of our product.

We have more than a contract and a budget to respect with ADDS, we have a relationship of openness and mutual trust that enable us to solve possible issues and gain an efficacy beneficial to both of us.

Didier Toubia, CEO
NLT Ltd.