Up-to-date: ADDS technical and IT system is constantly updated to guarantee you access to the latest technological evolutions.

Adaptive: We adapt the format and content to your project and wishes, thus providing the most comprehensive definition possible of your clinical studies, surveys and projects.

Robust: Our technological infrastructure offers a range of services that combine reliability, safety and quality of collected data:


- e-CRF / e-PRO
Possibility for investigators to fill in online electronic case report forms directly from their PCs (restricted to access code holders)

- Online study follow-up: CAHLIN
Specific databases adapted to your study’s requirements. User-friendly and interactive tools used both for regulatory and monitoring-linked data collection, planned actions and investigator fee management.

- Web-based study follow-up and management
Dedicated and secured web portal, for real-time study-linked updated data consultation

- Digital Pen Technology

All tools are compliant with FDA recommendations 21 CFR part 11