A medical background

After 16 years of experience within Medical and Clinical Development Directions in the pharmaceutical industry, Michel LEVY, Doctor of Medicine, founded Advanced Drug Developement Services (ADDS) in 1995 to provide consulting services.

Consequently to a fast-growing consulting activity and to clients' requests, ADDS enlarged its offer by founding its own integrated Contract Research Organization (CRO) in 1997. From then on, the company was able to set up its own projects, suported by an extended scientific network and a highly reliable logistic structure.

A quick growth to become a European CRO

In 2002, ADDS becomes ISO 9001 certified.

In 2004, the newly created Training centre is integrated in the perimeter of certification.

In 2006, ADDS develops its activities in Central Europe by creating a subsidiary in Brno (Czech Republic): ADDS & DSC International.

In 2007, a subsidiary specialized in medical devices and biotechnology is created in Raanana (ISrael).

In 2008, ADDS SARL is created to perform Clinical Research activities in Africa - mainly in Algeria, Moroco and Tunisia.

In early 2009, the Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Department is created to provide services as a CSO.

In 2011 ADDS SAS has taken a 25% participation in the Pan-European services provider: JSW - Clinical Investigation ltd.

Science, Technology and Quality

The lack of technical and technologically relevant tools on the market leads ADDS to develop its own software solutions for clinical study processes.

ADDS thus created its own CTMS (Clinical Trial Management SYstem) : CAHLIN. It is an integrated tool for optimized logistic, administrative and financial management.

In 1999, ADDS launches an original initiative: "The ADDS Award for Innovation in Clinical Research", which had an immediate and positive impact on both the Pharmaceutical and Academic worl.

In 2000, ADDS and its American partner Rho-Inc. joined together to create Rho-ADDS located in Boulogne, in the Paris area. Its activity was specifically oriented towards data management and statistics, in answer to the increasing demandes of European clients. The staff of Rho-ADDS, who has integrated ADDS teams since 2001, is constantly focused on its historic and well-know expertise.

ADDS has developed ADAMS, an entirely innovating and operational Data Management tool.

ADDS, a human-sized CRO and CSO focused on your satisfaction

ADDS is a dynamic company operating on the European market.

Always aiming at increasing client satisfaction, ADDS has since its creation concluded targeted partnerships with actors in complementary fields of its core business.

By combining the best teams and the best tools, always focused on improvement, ADDS is able to answer any of your needs both in clinical developement and safety activites.

By creating an original and outstanding training program to the specialities of Clinical Research, ADDS was willing to share its experience and expertise.

If you wish to know more, don't hesitate to contact us.